Hear from our clients, in their own words…

Katy is a consummate professional who has worked tirelessly to help my children and I, with the utmost diligence throughout my case. Katy really took the time to understand me, my case as a man, and the significant challenges my family faced, helping me successfully navigate what has been a particularly difficult phase of my life. Katy has always been very supportive, taken the time to deeply consider and reflect upon issues and gave the very best child-centric advice to achieve the very best outcomes for my children and I. Katy found excellent barristers, making sure I had the very best representation and advice at every stage of my case. Katy’s input and impact on my case and our lives has been life-changing, for which I’ll be eternally grateful. I was incredibly fortunate to find Harbour Family Law and wholeheartedly recommend them.

Mr. B Children Act proceedings

Fiona, you really were a breath of fresh air to me. After unfortunately being in the family justice system for four years, and having two previous solicitors, meeting you was my salvation. I felt instantly at ease, understood and you always showed such empathy towards me. You were so professional and knowledgeable at the same time. I felt very reassured in your care. I would always highly recommend you and your practice. Thank you so much again.

Ms. K Child Arrangements

I'd just like to say thank you so much for all of your hard work Nicky. It really has been a pleasure working alongside you. You truly are great at what you do. You are a wonderful, caring person who gave exceptional advice at such a difficult time for me.

Miss. B Child Arrangements

Katy has really helped me understand and navigate my legal position as resident parent and rewrite my narrative to take back control. Katy is professional, compassionate, controlled & to the point.

Mrs. T Child Arrangements

Divorce is such a dreadful thing to be faced with and it is such an emotional time. Katy was able to be the voice of reason and get the practical side of the divorce resolved in an efficient and respectful manner. Katy was adept and knew exactly what and how to conduct things. I felt like it was all done so professionally. I felt safe knowing Katy and the whole team at Harbour family law were steering my boat to safety!

Mr. S Divorce and Finances

Katy is a wonderful Solicitor. She is measured, wise and steadfast. She has been a great support to me and I have felt entirely safe in her hands. I will always be grateful for her representing me and my children and for putting our safety, best interests and protection at the forefront of her counsel. She fronted the battle in one of the most challenging times I have endured in my life and took the huge burden I was carrying and took it into her own hands. She shielded me from barrages of unwanted contact and was discerning in what she shared with me.

Mrs. L Children Act proceedings

I would totally recommend Harbour Family Law Solicitors to anyone seeking experts in divorce law. I was delighted at their friendly and open approach to my issue. They immediately took what was a very stressful situation and handled it themselves, easing the stress on me. At the same time, I was involved at every step of the way, so I knew what was going on. I knew I could rely on them to achieve the best outcome, whilst smoothing what can be a very painful process.

Mr. M Divorce and Finances

A massive thank you for all the great work you’ve done for myself and my daughter over these past months. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done. Thank you Hannah.

Mr. C Child Arrangements

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you Fiona in your handling of my case. The support and guidance you have provided during this process, has made a very uncomfortable and sometimes frightening experience, more manageable. There have been countless times when you have provided more than just the standard service one might expect from a solicitor, and that made a huge difference to how I have coped with the tough times. I felt we have worked together well and had a very open and honest, trusting relationship which no doubt contributed to the successful resolution of the divorce and financial settlement. I would highly recommend you to my friends, in the unfortunate event that they needed a divorce. Hope I bump into you again in a personal, non-professional capacity.

Mrs. C Divorce and Financial Remedy

From the first meeting at the start of my divorce journey to my final appointment where I reclaimed my maiden name I have felt heard and supported by Ros. She is knowledgeable, respectful, kind and assiduous. She removed fear and replaced it with hope. I would certainly recommend her if you need help navigating a divorce, be it civil or challenging in nature. Thank you Ros.

Mrs. T Divorce and Finances

I have been extremely happy with the professional approach and depth of knowledge from Harbour Family Law and would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to any of my family or friends. I am a very happy client. Thanks Fiona.

Mr. K Family Law Act proceedings

"Katy is pure excellence, an absolute professional in her field. From start to finish she was reliable, extremely knowledgeable and delivered first class advice and support throughout very trying times. Her guidance is second to none. I trusted her implicitly with her recommendations, which I always followed without hesitation. I listened to her advice, as I trusted Katy unreservedly. Katy is unflappable and extremely determined to give her clients the best possible outcome. Always available during times of crises, always reassuring throughout times of doubt, coupled with the ability to remain calm, with a caring nature. Absolutely excellent. Thanks so much"

Mrs. R Financial Remedy

Thank you all for your help, support and guidance during this time. You have all been exceptional and a delight to deal with. You are swift to react, professional and “know your onions” when it comes to the legal intricacies.

Mr. D Divorce, Finances and Children

"Katy provided an efficient, professional excellent service with sound legal advice and achieved a resolution which specifically met my individual needs. Her communication skills are outstanding and she provided genuine care and support throughout the process. I would highly recommend Katy for marital or partnership issues"

Ms. J Cohabitation dispute

"I cannot recommend Nicky enough, she is very professional and exceptionally organised. She is consistently aware of the needs of the case and the client. She makes it look easy. Also she is a lovely person. She has an ability to empathise and understand the client as a human, and was able to achieve understanding and trust swiftly with me. Nicky was great at making herself clearly understood. My case was very emotionally challenging and she was able to handle my emotions with grace and ease, but without false promise. Nicky showed genuine kindness and integrity, and where appropriate was able to steer me in the right direction effectively, guiding me through an upsetting process well. Nicky never once dropped the ball. She is so organised, motivated and aware. I cannot imagine a better family solicitor"

Ms. L Children Act proceedings

"I was so glad I chose Katy to act for me at such a difficult time. From the start, right through to conclusion, Katy was kind, supportive, informative and professional. Any queries or concerns I had were always promptly dealt with and I felt fully supported by Katy and her team. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

Mrs. K Divorce and Finances

''When you're dealing with emotionally driven matters that involve your children, all you want is to get the best advice that's easy to understand and gets the best outcome for everyone. Nicky came highly recommended to me for a reason - she is friendly, approachable, and 100% knows her stuff. Nicky put my mind at ease and I cannot thank her enough for that.''

Mr. G Childen Act Proceedings

''I have been working with Katy on a very intense and subtle case over a period of a year, involving my son who is binational. Katy is an incredible solicitor, very organised, with attention to detail and who put my son’s best interests and well-being first at all times. This is to be valued highly, and is certainly valued by the family Court. Clients who work with Katy will have to trust her and listen to her. I have done so even at times when it was difficult to hear what Katy was telling me, and ultimately we reached a very good outcome. One aspect of working with Katy, which I particularly benefited from, was the communication. Katy always did things when she said she was going to do them, and always answered promptly to my queries, ultimately leaving me with the feeling of being accompanied and well advised all the way through this journey. Another important point is that behind Katy there is a very professional and lovely team, and ultimately a Harbour Family Law “machine” working very well and very efficiently. Had I taken the decision to work with another solicitors firm, or had I not listened to Katy’s sound advice, we probably would not have reached the outcome we did.''

Mr. J Children Act Proceedings

''I could not fault the advice and support I received from Harbour Family Law. A difficult period of time in my life was definitely made easier for me. I would rate this company as nothing less than outstanding.''

Mr. A Financial Remedy & Child Arrangements

''After ending the disappointing services of a previous law firm, who were acting for me with my divorce and financial settlement, I was recommended to Harbour family Law. I made an appointment with Fiona Greener; this was the best decision I made. After having my first meeting with Fiona, I came away feeling I was not alone. Fiona was superb, her experience, calm reassuring approach and professionalism shone through. The court hearing was something I was dreading but Fiona was so well prepared, and I was so grateful to Fiona for her choice of barrister. They were the dream team at the hearing and the day concluded with a very successful result for me. I cannot thank Fiona enough and all the team at Harbour Family Law.''

Mr. H Divorce & Financial Remedy

''Katy acted for me in the Collaborative process. We had tried mediation with another solicitor and taken three long, tedious meetings to come to an outline of the ‘marital pot’. It was clear that the mediator was not the right person to help us with resolving the split of the financial assets, so we changed to Collaborative practice. I met with Katy twice before the meeting, she was with me throughout the day and followed up the conclusions from the discussion. Katy was very much the right person to have with me in the meeting. She is quick to assimilate information and assess the situation. She gave clear, logical advice and briefed me on the process. I went into the meeting feeling well-supported. During the discussions, she was flexible, kept the conversation moving and made practical suggestions on how to address impasses. The conversation was always calm and constructive. At the end of the day we came to an agreement that was better than I could have imagined, plus both my husband and me felt OK with it. A large part of that is due to Katy’s composed guidance and application of her intelligence and creativity in finding solutions. Her support has been vital in giving us a way forward in finishing the marriage – one that we can both see the logic of, and so can justify. I have already recommended her services to friends and will continue to do so!''

Mrs. A Collaborative Practice

''Katy Zikking and Harbour Family Law were extremely professional in their approach. Divorces are, I suspect, difficult and emotional times for all involved. Above just being a law firm dealing with the legal aspects of my divorce, I felt supported and guided. I found their advice invaluable, but also I found their approach to be warm and sympathetic – making that trying time much more bearable, and as smooth as could have been expected.''

Mrs. A Divorce and Financial Remedy

''I would just like to say thank you to Katy and all at Harbour Family Law. I obviously did my research to find Harbour Family Law. Katy and her staff exceed expectation. My divorce was handled very professionally and the collaborative process is certainly to be recommended. I believe my ex-wife and myself avoided acrimony and recriminations and have remained friends. After 30 years I am so pleased that this is the case. I have seen so many friends going through adversarial divorces, I am so glad I avoided this. I cannot recommend Harbour Family Law highly enough. Thanks again.''

Mr. R Collaborative Practice

''After a year of heartache I felt there was only one option open – to consult a solicitor. I was put at ease straight away by Ros. She fully understood the situation. A sensitive letter was sent to the family member, beautifully written. Without Ros, who was kind and compassionate, I could not have coped with this situation on my own.''

Mrs. G Family client

''I approached Harbour Family Law after having received a disappointing service from another Law firm. My case was handled by Katy Zikking, who provided advice that demonstrated a deep understanding of the law surrounding my situation. Her professionalism enabled me to achieve a resolution that I had previously thought was going to cost me a lot more time and money than it has. During briefings Katy quickly assimilates information and gives excellent advice based on that information and her legal knowledge. Whilst being very approachable and friendly to me, Katy showed that she was more than capable of defending me in the face of bullying tactics from her opponent in my case. I would have no hesitation recommending her.''

Ms. L Separation, property and children matters

''I can highly recommend Katy Zikking at Harbour Family Law. The service I received throughout the process was excellent. Where incredibly acrimonious meditation had failed, Katy was able to recover the situation to give me the best possible outcome. Throughout the whole process Katy was professional, knowledgeable, reassuring and most importantly completely committed in supporting me to get the best possible outcome. She was guided by a strong sense of fairness and gave me the confidence to stand firm in a very difficult process. This has enabled me to retain financial security for my family. My queries were always responded to promptly and efficiently. I never want to go through this process again, but if I did, I would not hesitate to use Harbour Family Law.''

Mrs. J Divorce and Financial Remedy

''After almost 40 years of marriage, much of it not always very happy, I still did not relish the idea of divorce. I hung on for grim life thinking it would all be too difficult with businesses and complicated pension schemes to unravel and divide. I was recommended through a business acquaintance to have a chat with Katy Zikking at Harbour Family Law. From the very first meeting I knew that I would be in safe hands and she could navigate me through this terrible time in my life. She has such great empathy, really listens and totally engages with you. Also, Katy has a wicked sense of humour that really helped, especially when we had our court hearings and I was so nervous. I was so grateful for Katy’s excellent choice of barrister to act for me. It was not a straightforward case as there was a lot of deceit and many twists and turns from the other side, but with their combined negotiating skills I came out of it with a very good settlement. It really has been one hell of a journey and I will be eternally grateful to Katy and her team, all of whom are excellent and true professionals. At the end of this two year experience I feel more empowered and stronger than I have ever been in my life. Divorce is never easy, but Harbour Family Law hold your hand the whole way through. Money well spent! Thank you Katy and team.''

Mrs P Divorce & Financial Remedy Proceedings

''My divorce has been the most difficult and traumatic time in my life. However, if there is a guiding light, it is Katy. She was able to manage my emotional state, as well as professionally providing the relevant knowledge in order the get the best possible outcome for me. I would certainly recommend her services.''

Mr. D Divorce & Financial Negotiation

‘’My wife and I were keen to make sure that we remained close friends as we went through our divorce. Having Kate and the team’s support has most definitely helped that happen. Kate’s guidance, both in person and on the phone has been invaluable. Ongoing advice has been clear, concise, accessible and best of all wrapped in empathy and understanding. At such a tricky time, having things taken care of so well has been a massive relief. Thank you.’’

Mr. T Collaborative practice

‘’Many thanks Katy your professionalism and the way you dealt with me personally throughout the divorce process. The combination of your compassion and sage advice was always spot on.’’

Mr. A Divorce

''Fiona was very precise, thorough and supportive, explaining everything in a clear way during a stressful time. Recommended.''

Mr. C Divorce & Finances

I would highly recommend Harbour Family Law. I found Ros to be, as my sons would say, ‘Super ‘On It’’! Very thorough and responsive. The whole process, from when we first met, took 5 months. I didn’t have to worry about anything – everything was simplified, and as a busy professional this was the service I really needed. I felt that I was considered and what was best for me. I thank Ros for taking up my case and turning what was a mess into a very positive outcome. I really do thank you for your time. I am so happy that everything is now behind me.

Mrs A Financial Remedy

I am very pleased that I had you, Ros, and your team at my side through my difficult divorce. You gave me confidence to face a complex situation, which was compounded by the other persons demands. Not only did you address the issues with professionalism, you also had the understanding to ensure an equitable outcome. You took the stress away from me and dealt sympathetically with the other party. For this I thank you and your team from the depth of my heart.

Ms. A Financial Remedy

''Hannah has an amazing way of putting things into context. Hannah’s advice and support has been invaluable to me through a really tough time. She really was a constant source of reassurance throughout my whole divorce process, thank you.''

Mr. A Financial Remedy and Child Arrangements

‘’Having come through an extremely difficult time and also being represented by another firm for over 12 months, I never thought I would see the end of a torrid period. Moving to Harbour Family Law and being represented by Katy was categorically a “breath of fresh air” and changed everything in a positive way. Katy was extremely sympathetic, trustworthy and professional. I cannot recommend Katy and her firm enough. I was at a point of no return and moving to Harbour Family Law literally changed everything……thank you Katy.’’

Mr. S Financial remedy client

When you are dealing with emotionally driven matters that involve your children, all you want is to get the best advice that is easy to understand and gets the best outcome for everyone. Nicky came highly recommended to me for a reason - she is friendly, approachable, and 100% knows her stuff. Nicky put my mind at ease and I cannot thank her enough for that

''Ros acted with compassion and sound advice as I navigated my way through my divorce. My ex-husband and I were keen to keep things as amicable as possible whilst completing the divorce as swiftly as we could. We achieved this through the advice and support of Ros who understood our situation and acted in the best way to achieve this. Our divorce concluded within 5 months and to this day my ex-husband and I remain good friends. I am very grateful to Ros for easing the way through a very difficult time.''

Mrs K Divorce & Financial Negotiation
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