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Clevedon is a Victorian coastal town situated between Bristol and Weston-super-Mare. You can find us on Hill Road, a short walk from Herbert Gardens. We are also accessible from the X6 Excel bus route.

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The Harbour Family Law office in Clevedon is a relaxing, comfortable space to discuss your legal matter with our team of accredited solicitors. We are specialists in family law with over 90 years of combined experience and a particular interest in collaborative law.

We aim to support and guide our clients, helping to navigate their case towards a fair outcome. Through honest advice, low-conflict discussions and advanced legal expertise, we hope to preserve relationships and work towards the best resolution for your case.

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During your initial consultation with us, you’ll be shown into our quiet, calm office and greeted by one of our solicitors. They will listen carefully to the details of your matter and may ask you some questions to clarify the important aspects of your case and what you are hoping to achieve.

From there, we will be able to discuss the possible options for moving forward with your case. We will use our expert legal knowledge advise you of the probable costs and risks of various avenues. Harbour Family Law is committed to being open with clients from the outset, so we will inform you if we believe you are unlikely to get the exact result you’re looking for and will talk you through what can be realistically achieved instead. We will also offer you an estimate of the legal fees required for carrying out what we have discussed.


Why choose Harbour Family Law Solicitors in Clevedon?

Harbour Family Law was founded in 2014 as a specialised family law practise. Our founder, Katy Zikking, wished to create a dedicated service for family law clients which prioritised preserving relationships and coming to fair agreements in a manner that was dignified and based on strong legal knowledge.

Over the last decade, the practise has expanded to 6 solicitors working across three locations. All of our solicitors are members of Resolution - a community of lawyers dedicated to managing cases using considered, low-conflict techniques which prioritise the wellbeing of families. Our legal team also includes a lawyer whose work has been published in the Family Law Journal and several specialists in collaborative law. Our practice is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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"I was so glad I chose Katy to act for me at such a difficult time. From the start, right through to conclusion, Katy was kind, supportive, informative and professional. Any queries or concerns I had were always promptly dealt with and I felt fully supported by Katy and her team. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

Mrs. K

Divorce and Finances

Our Legal Services in Clevedon Office

Much of our work concerns forming agreements between parties – either after a relationship has come to an end or as part of its formation. However, we understand that each client and case are unique and require unique considerations. This can take the form of bespoke legal advice, assistance in navigating legal processes or recommending other professionals who may be helpful in achieving the best possible result.

If you are separating from or divorcing your partner, we can guide you through coming to a fair agreement concerning your finances, living arrangements and any children you may have. Clients also often seek our expertise when encountering circumstances outside the usual experience of divorce- such as rare forms of pension plan or forming agreements within unconventional family structures. Entering negotiations with a good knowledge of your legal standing and what to expect from proceedings can make all the difference in gaining a good result for you and your family.

We also offer legal advice concerning pre and post nuptial agreements and living together agreements. These documents formalise a financial relationship between partners or spouses and lay out what they agree should happen to their joint assets in the event of a separation. These can be particularly useful when one party is contributing a greater share of the assets than their partner or is the sole owner of a property. We can help you to understand the full repercussions of any agreement before signing and help to ensure that the document is fair.

Additionally, Harbour Family Law can offer thorough, efficient legal support if you wish to apply for an injunction against a partner or family member who has harmed or threatened you.

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