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Deed of Separation in Clifton – Bristol, Portishead & Clevedon

If you are separating from your husband or wife or civil partner, but do not feel that you can begin the formal process of divorce or civil dissolution (perhaps due to personal circumstances), then you may wish to consider entering into a Separation Deed. This would confirm the financial agreement you have reached at the point of separation and indicate that you intend to start the divorce or dissolution at some point in the future (usually once you have been separated for 2 years). This can then provide some financial certainty for you, whilst you come to terms with the breakdown of your marriage or civil partnership.

However, please be aware that a Separation Deed does not prevent your husband, wife or civil partner making an application to the court about the finances in the future. The financial agreement is not legally binding until it is eventually ‘sealed’ by the court, alongside the divorce proceedings.

We offer a fixed fee for the preparation and execution of a Separation Deed of £600 + VAT.

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