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Injunction Orders in Clifton – Bristol, Portishead & Clevedon

An injunction is a court order that a named person should or should not do something. Usually, in family law, people want injunctions against a husband, wife or partner. However, we may be able to apply for an order against anyone in your family, or with whom you have had a close relationship, who has used violence against you. You can also seek protection for your child.

There are two basic types of injunction the court can make under the Family Law Act 1996

  • (a)    A Non Molestation Order

This is an order forbidding someone from being violent or threatening you with violence. The order will usually say that a named person is forbidden from using or threatening violence against you, pestering, intimidating or harassing you.

  • (b)   An Occupation Order

This is an order that someone must leave the home where you live, or allow you to return there if you have already left, or is only allowed to occupy certain parts of the home. We can advise you about your individual situation.

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