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Dissolution of Civil Partnerships in Clifton – Bristol, Portishead & Clevedon

The dissolution of a Civil Partnership can be started after the first year of the Civil Partnership has elapsed, on the grounds that the Civil Partnership has irretrievably broken down. This can be evidenced by one of four facts:

  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Desertion
  • Living apart for 2 years with the consent of the other party
  • Living apart for 5 years (no consent required)

The process is almost identical to the divorce process and will take around 3 -4 months to conclude, resulting in a ‘final order’ being granted by the court which dissolves your Civil Partnership.

Alongside the dissolution proceedings you must also consider a financial settlement, which will resolve all financial claims between the two of you.

We offer a fixed fee in relation to dissolution proceedings of £600 plus VAT & court fees (currently £410.00) if you are the Petitioner (the person bringing the divorce) and £250 plus VAT if you are the Respondent (the person responding to the dissolution proceedings).

Reported – December 2013 –

Same sex couples in England and Wales are be able to marry from 29 March 2014. Couples already in civil partnerships should be able to convert these into marriages. People will also be able to change their legal gender while remaining married.

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