Change of Name by Deed Poll in Bristol, Portishead & Clevedon – with help from Harbour Family Law

You or your child may wish to change your surname for a variety of reasons. You may be newly divorced and wish to adopt a new surname, other than your maiden name. Your child may need to alter their surname in light of changing family circumstances, for example by the use of a double-barrelled surname. A Change of Name Deed will provide you with the necessary document to provide to various agencies (Passport, Bank, School etc.) to ensure your new name is recognised.

Please note that you will need the written permission of both parents in order to change a child’s surname, under the age of 16. Alternatively a court order will be needed. We can provide you with specific advice taking into account your particular circumstances.

We charge a fixed fee of £100 plus VAT for the preparation and execution of a Change of Name Deed.

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