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 You may be about to begin separating from your partner, spouse or civil partner. You may be experiencing difficulty in agreeing arrangements for your children. However, what I can be sure of is, that if you are reading this article, you are interested in how the recent changes to the family law rules may affect…

Self help: Preparation

If you are facing divorce or separation and you are involved in a dispute regarding money, property or children I would advise you to: Think Deeply, Reflect, Own Your Own Story. What I am actually asking you to do here is begin to think like a lawyer from the beginning. I can hear you say, “but isn’t that what I’m paying you for?” which is fine, but…bear with.

Points of principle, in divorce proceedings, or indeed any legal proceedings, mean that you are taking the case forward to court on the basis that you feel morally ‘in-the-right’. You may intend to (metaphorically) bash your ex-partner over the head on this point, in court, in the hope that a Judge will agree with you on moral grounds in addition to (or quite possibly, rather than) legal ones.